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This website is for sale, including .org and .com Domain names. This site has been in existence for the past 10 years. It was developed to honor our WWII and later war veterans and serves the Romeoclubs that they formed over the years throughout the country. It is now time to pass this tradition on to someone else that wants a  website with great potential. The current site does  not generate any profit, but it can, given the right program. See the estimated value of this site. Send your offer to and all offers will be considered.


Welcome to the ROMEO CLUB Organization! Retired Old Men Eating Out gives members an opportunity to meet in their community. Features local chapters. There are literally hundreds of clubs across the United States that call themselves the Romeo's. GROUPS Like the ROMEO'S May Help You Live Longer! Social relationships increase our chances of a longer life by 50 percent, according to a recent study by a pair of Brigham Young University professors. We are committed to providing a web page for all current Romeo clubs and any group that would like to form a club. You are encouraged to explore our website and the page for our founding club the Payson AZ club. After your review of our offer to design and publish your clubs web page on the site, please go to "your_web_page" and get it done online! 

There are many clubs across the country that call themselves the Romeo's. The groups might have a different purpose and a variety of activities, but usually they are retired or semi-retired men having a good time. To locate a chapter in your State view our Chapters Page Listing.

We would like to provide a meeting place on the web for these groups to exchange ideas and promote their club and its activities. We WILL NOT have a bunch of external third party advertising on our site to annoy and distract club members. We will fund this site from donations by the members of our club and affiliate sponsors.

In our research we have found that the "old ladies" have done a much better job of organization and far sooner than the "old farts" have. Check out the Red Hat Society, this woman's group has created a very popular organization for middle-aged woman. If they can do it, why shouldn't we? Of course we'll do it our way. There are several Romeo clubs that are piggy-backed off of other church groups and other organizations, Why don't you get your own web page on your own organizations web site? You can always link back to your other group if you prefer.

Our research has also shown that there are some other men's organizations out there that we do not want to copy, especially their website format. One in particular comes to mind and you might check it out also, the Hard Hat Brotherhood (well they were here yesterday and gone today, the site no longer exists!). Of particular notice to us is the excessive third-party advertising and the fact that individual clubs do not have a presence. We offer an individual web page to each member club to say what they want.

Lets expound a little on the history and purpose of the ROMEO groups as we see it. Tom Brokaw gave the name "ROMEO" notoriety in his book "The Greatest Generation". As the story goes, John "Lefty" Caulfield (a school principal and U.S. Navy retired) started the first ROMEO club at various dinners in Cambridge, Massachusetts and he dubbed it "retired old men eating out". Although we do not dispute this, we have found other references to the founder of the Romeo name and other references as to the meaning of the term Romeo. In his obituary Vincent Roland Legge has been credited as the founder of the ROMEO club. There is another reference from a group of World War II vets in northern Utah, and many more claim the distinction of founding the name Romeo. The term Romeo also has been defined as; "rich old men eating out", retired older men enjoying outings", "respectable older men eating out", "Real Old Motorcyclists Eating Out",and the translations could go on. To our surprise we have found that there is a poem that has been written about the Romeo clubs, it is by Dick Schmelzkopf and is called  THE SILVER EAGLES. The club gives men an opportunity to meet with other men in their community for a meal and enjoy good food and conversation. You can meet men with similar interests and backgrounds and others with varied interests and vastly differing backgrounds, but all will have an interesting story to tell. No memberships are needed to the Romeo club just a weekly meeting of old friends who enjoy each other's camaraderie, a good time, and good food. Visit our About us page to learn more!

If this is all new to you, you are retired, and you would like to form a club, first look in your community to see if one exists (since they are not promoted very well). Then put an advertisement in the community section of your local news paper that reads something like this: The Romeo Club (Retired Old Men Eating Out) is looking for new members. We meet at (state time) a.m. every (state day of week) at a different restaurant. Come join in the fun. Call for location or more information, your name and phone number. Next decide on a restaurant where you can meet at that will give the group separate checks and the rest will happen at lunch, or whatever meal you decide to have. Once the group is established, send us your information and pictures so we can publish the clubs web page.


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